Types of homes

The Tāmaki regeneration programme neighbourhoods are designed to be mixed tenure.

That means that privately owned and social/community housing co-exist alongside each other. The types of homes being built as part of the regeneration programme are in response to community feedback.

Some of the ways people will be able to access housing in Tāmaki include through shared home ownership, rent to buy, affordable rental and social housing (rented to people through Tāmaki Housing). This gives people more choice about how they achieve their housing aspirations. Research shows that with more choice, people who feel connected to an area tend to stay longer. That in turn leads to greater stability for families and the community.

In short, mixed tenure neighbourhoods support a strong and diverse community.


Providing a variety of types of new homes is vital to addressing the needs of the Tāmaki community. It will also bring new residents to the Tāmaki neighbourhoods to grow and support community groups, local businesses and schools. Market homes are being built within neighbourhoods that also include new state homes, community housing and more affordable homes.


Building homes in more affordable price ranges is a priority within the Tāmaki regeneration programme. There will be a growing number of options for homebuyers over time, as more homes become available for sale. A good proportion of all the new homes built in Tāmaki will be below Auckland’s median house price. We will also  work with community housing providers to provide lower cost housing for people in need.

The Tāmaki Regeneration Company is currently working on the design of a ‘multi-generational’ home that can house large families and be owned by several family members. It is early days but we are very excited about the possibilities these homes will provide to our Māori and Pasifika people to own and live in a home with extended whānau.


The Tāmaki regeneration programme is replacing the old state-owned homes in Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure, and adding to the number of state homes available. The majority of the existing homes were built in the late 1940s, 1950s or 1960s. Having provided stable homes for families for 50+ years, they are now past their best and, in many cases, damp and hard to heat. The new homes are warm, dry, healthy and designed for modern living.

What are the homes like?

The new homes in the Tāmaki regeneration programme neighbourhoods range from one to five bedrooms to suit households of all sizes. These medium-density homes are a relatively new urban design approach in New Zealand but common in cities around the world, and allow for easier access to parks, transport and other amenities. Our build partners take great care in building quality homes for comfort and style.