Glen Innes

Glen Innes is a young, diverse and close-knit community with a thriving cultural and arts scene.

The area is blessed with many green spaces, and is bordered by Colin Maiden Park to the west and Point England Reserve and the coast to the east. Glen Innes whānau can choose from numerous quality education options, including Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa (a full immersion Māori school). Residents are well-served by local taonga, Ruapotaka Marae, as well as community facilities such as Te Oro arts centre, Glen Innes Library, and the Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre.



Glen Innes has a strong cultural heart and a burgeoning arts scene. Ruapotaka is an urban marae in the town centre. It’s an important community service hub which also serves a critical role in the cultural life of this area. Te Oro Music and Arts Centre is a beautiful multi-purpose space in the Glen Innes town centre where locals can come together to perform, practise and learn the arts, express their creativity and talents, and celebrate their cultures.

Retail and hospitality

Glen Innes has a bustling town centre, with over 150 retail, food and service businesses, including a supermarket and library. Local favourites include Avon’s Butchery, Hong Kong Kitchen and a range of automotive businesses. It’s situated within a short walking distance of the train station, where trains leave to Britomart (twelve minutes’ journey away) every ten minutes.

Bradley Lane

Once a neglected laneway, Bradley Lane in Glen Innes now boasts 18 of the 30 street art murals located in the town centre. Held annually since 2013, the Bradley Lane Project has invited New Zealand’s top street artists to paint outdoor murals as part of a live event, in what has become Auckland’s largest outdoor street art gallery.

Parks and playgrounds

Bordered by Colin Maiden Park with its numerous sporting facilities to the west, and picturesque Point England Reserve with its winding coastal walkway to the east, Glen Innes is blessed with plentiful green space, parks and playgrounds. These green spaces will be retained throughout the regeneration programme, and many, such as Maybury Reserve by the town centre, are being beautified and made more accessible for all.



We’re working in partnership with the Maungakieke-Tāmaki Local Board and the Glen Innes Business Association to bring new life to the Glen Innes town centre while retaining its special character. The planned revitalisation is being done in consultation with the local community, and over the next 20 years will create attractive public spaces and walking links between the train station, Mayfair Place, the library, Te Oro Music and Arts Centre, and Maybury Reserve.

Transport Hub Upgrade

It’s just 12 minutes to the CBD by train from Tāmaki. We’re working with Auckland Transport to upgrade the Glen Innes Transport Hub to improve train and bus connections to the area. This will include a new overbridge linking the train station to the town centre.

The Tāmaki Loop

The Tāmaki Loop is set to become a popular family destination for locals and visitors alike. This shared pedestrian and cycle route will connect residents across Tāmaki to each other, the striking Maungarei (Mount Wellington), and the sparkling awa, taking in expansive parks and playgrounds. Co-designed with local iwi, hāpu and the community, it will showcase Tāmaki’s rich natural and cultural history along the way.

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